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How to Reach BIG Goals

How I reach my big goals

Have you ever started a new year with renewed enthusiasm for reaching your biggest goals only to find that by February 1st, you’re discouraged, in a slump, or have completely forgotten about your well-meant plans for the year? You’re not alone. According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people stick with their resolutions with any […]

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How To Find Good Opportunities

We all have goals, right? And we all want to become successful — whether that means becoming a published author, traveling the world, or making a million dollars. But, here’s the thing: in order to reach our goals and becomes successful, we have to get good opportunities so that we can move forward. We can’t […]

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We often make excuses for our habits. We say we cannot help ourselves because “it’s just a habit I have.” While I would beg to differ, I still must admit that habits be a powerful force to reckon with. When a thought or action is woven seamlessly into the very fabric of your daily life, […]

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